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Servoy webinars for "developers only"

We have started a new series of webinars in which we will be covering a broad range of topics, from new features to new capabilities to best practices. These webinar series are targeted to developers only


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Servoy - latest release

Servoy is the rapid application development platform for ISVs and enterprises with intricate business applications. That’s because Servoy makes it easy to create successful applications. Servoy’s latest release, builds on the platform’s revolutionary productivity features, unmatched flexibility and stunning UX design capabilities. It optimizes performance and adds smart enhancements to speed up development of even the most complex applications.


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Servoy is the natural successor to Visual FoxPro

With the Rapid Application Development philosophy of FoxPro in mind, we’d like to show you how to build an HTML5 application in about 30 minutes with minimal effort and little coding. Hundreds of FoxPro developers have switched to Servoy because of its development speed. They tell us that developing in Servoy is even faster than in FoxPro. Watch this session to see it for yourself: building an HTML5 application with great UX in record time.

Modernize Progress OpenEdge Applications

With our 6 mini webinars, each lasting under 25 minutes, we will go through every decision you need to make for your project to be successful.

We’ll first look at the technical decisions facing you and we’ll end with the right roadmap for a project of this size and scope.

How to modernise .NET applications

In 6 mini webinars, each lasting no more than 25 minutes, we will attempt to unravel all the decisions one needs to make before and whilst modernizing a .Net Application. We’ll start to tackle all the technical decisions that need to be made and we’ll end with mapping a path to successfully execute a project of such a size and scope.
The webinars are kept short and on-point. They will also be interactive and will give you a chance to ask questions. The webinars will be recorded and you will have the opportunity to view them at a later date.

Servoy integration of OpenEdge and Telerik

You have a great OpenEdge app, you like the great Kendo UI controls from Telerik but how do you make them work together?

Strategic Scrum for ISVs

Many ISVs believe their teams are already agile enough. However agile is not the same as Scrum. Not only on the development team level but throughout the entire organisation.

Mobile first for ISVs

In today’s digital landscape, business apps must compete with the “looks” of successful consumer apps like Waze, Kayak and Facebook.

What is driving record ISV M&A?

Record cash, disruptive change, aggressive new buyers and rising valuations make this the best time to sell a software company in the last decade.

Forrester - Mobile Strategy

Forrester discusses best practices that you can start implementing today.

Big Delphi Applications without Big Risk

Based on the findings of our Delphi Trend Report 2021, we will discuss the specific challenges and trends for software companies that work with Delphi. Related to these challenges we will go over virtualization strategies and alternatives.