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Build Amazing Applications. Fast.

The Servoy platform offers a RAD and ready-made frameworks to build and modernize your application fast and effortlessly. With its leading-edge tools that support every stage — including development, testing, and production — the platform lets you build and deliver powerful business apps in record-breaking time.

The Servoy IDE

Our powerful code editor includes everything that you need from a modern integrated development environment (IDE) — intelligent code completion, code coloring, code documentation, unit testing, and code refactoring. The core engine handles security, multitenancy, navigation, data binding, client-server communication and more. It also includes functionalities to create and manage web services, reports, sessions, and localization. To support your development team, the Servoy platform connects with code versioning systems (such as Git and SVN), while integrated testing and debugging tools make sure they can work fast.

Reuse of Code for RAD

A key principle of the Servoy rapid application development (RAD) platform is the reuse of code: design once, apply limitless times. Our platform gives developers the ability to write powerful business logic and create reusable modules that speed application development time, improve productivity and drive cost efficiencies.

Easily Add or Build Custom Elements

The WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor lets you easily create and modify user interfaces and add components with a single click. So whether you want to include a calendar, a Gantt chart, or any other common application element, the Servoy platform has already done the work for you. We also offer seamless integration with elements such as Google Maps and Office 365 documents. And when you need it, you also have the ability to easily add your own custom elements and layouts.

Other features included in the Servoy platform

  • UI inheritance & UI embedding
  • Code separation & Code inheritance
  • Full CI & CD pipeline
  • Built-in security


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