Modernizing Progress - Event - Servoy

Modernizing Progress – Event

How to Modernize Progress Applications with Servoy

With our 6 mini webinars, each lasting under 25 minutes, we will go through every decision you need to make for your project to be successful.
We’ll first look at the technical decisions facing you and we’ll end with the right roadmap for a project of this size and scope.

Part 1: How to select your front end: Kendo UI, Twitter Bootstrap, Angular, Google Material design, HTML5 and beyond.

Part 2: Reusing your ABL: JSDO, SQL, REST, APIs.

Part 3: Cloud considerations: Implementing multi-tenancy, delivering customizations, dealing with multiple languages, and other issues associated with moving to the cloud

Part 4: The millennials are here: Is your application ready?

Part 5: User Experience matters: How to optimize it in your business app.

Part 6: Successful patterns in Project execution, Risk mitigation, Frameworks, Agile coding, and MVPs

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