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As the company name indicates (zorg is the Dutch word for care), Stb Zorg, which became an independent private company in November 2010, focuses on applications for the healthcare market.


Development of “Stb Care” platform started in January 2010. In the beginning, the developers intended to use plain Java, but they quickly rea- lized that this development environment would not enable the future-oriented approach they had in mind. Servoy, being Java based, offers a much better productivity to developers, enabling a faster implementation of new features.


At that time, the Stb organization had already been a Servoy partner for many years. But even as it seemed logical for Stb Zorg to use the same development platform, they took a deep look at other solutions available on the market. As a result of this evaluation process, Stb Zorg selected the Servoy business application platform. The fact that Stb had made excellent experience with the platform was certainly one reason.