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Founded in 1913, the Piepenbrock family business is headed by the fourth generation of owners, managing partners Arnulf and Olaf Piepenbrock. The company o ers facility management, commercial cleaning, security, maintenance, machinery and chemical production. Headquartered in Osnabrück, Germany, Piepenbrock has 70 branches and 800 locations in Germany and Austria. Over 27,000 employees deliver high-quality facility services to customers.


Quality plays a key role at Piepenbrock, and the company is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. The standard specifies the minimum requirements a company’s management system must meet. It is used for implementing quality standards internally, which, in turn, serve as outward evidence. Piepenbrock o ers customer-specific services in facility management, commercial cleaning, security and maintenance.


Piepenbrock needed to rewrite its software to modernize it. The company wanted a future-proof infrastructure that guarantees compatibility with all future devices regardless of the operating system version, browser and database used. Piepenbrock tested different development platforms on smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android) and in different browsers.