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Founded in 2009 as an initiative of the Dutch IT company Caesar Group, Garansys stands for reliable business application development. Under the motto “A deal is a deal”, Garansys delivers custom-specific applications within a fixed timeframe and a guaranteed budget. Garansys customers are commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations, who recognize IT as a strategic partner and enabler of their business. Garansys develops applications that are critical for these companies and organizations to achieve their business objectives.


Koninklijke Saan, the Dutch logistics services provider, is one of their customers. Koninklijke Saan’s challenge was to provide a mobile application to its employees who are on the road and need real-time insight into their work orders. On the other hand, employees in the front office need real-time insight into the status of each work order. An existing Progress application was in place that had to be integrated with, causing as little disruption of the running system as possible. To meet these requirements, the customer had a limited budget and timeframe.


Garansys accepted this challenge. In a very short time frame, they created an application for Koninklijke Saan that tremendously reduces the amount of paperwork. Initially, Garansys had selected a mobile platform delivered by their current technology provider. However, they quickly ran into a series of challenges. After extensive research of possible alternatives, Garansys selected Servoy as the platform to build and deliver the mobile application for Koninklijke Saan. “The first thing that struck me as we started talking to Servoy was their no-nonsense approach. They quickly helped us analyze the issues we had with the current tool, and outlined a possible solution,” says Ali Sassi, Managing Consultant of Garansys.