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BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) is comprised of two insurance entities, BETA Risk Management Authority (BETARMA) and Health Providers Insurance Reciprocal, RRG (HealthPro). BETARMA is a California joint powers authority that was formed in 1979 to pool the liability claims and losses of district hospitals, subsequently expanded to include county and non-profit healthcare entities.


While the case for redevelopment was clear and the technology provider was selected, BETA still faced the daunting challenge to re-architect its system, master a new platform and plan and execute the development effort. When redeveloping a mission-critical system using new technology, the risk cannot be understated, nor can the difficulty to estimate the time and cost.


BETA also selected Servoy as a consulting partner in its redevelopment effort, engaging in Servoy’s Appsurance Program, an implementation tool designed to maximize ROI and mitigate risk through continuous monitoring and reinforcement of architectural and operational best practices.