Your application in Saas. Out of the box...


Moving from a perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based model helps futureproof your application but may be outside your budget for today. This is why we devised a pricing model that is flexible enough to meet your financial constraints.


Scaling is easy with the Servoy platform. You can run up to 500 concurrent users on a single node. You can easily scale by adding as many nodes as you need.


In a SaaS model, you need to make sure your customer data is safe. Servoy’s architecture is designed with security in mind. The Appsurance program can help you set up security at
the level that matches your customers’ requirements.

Cost of infrastructure

At Servoy we are committed to maximize your profit. The Servoy architecture is optimized to use the least amount of resources to run your application.


The Servoy architecture is designed for high availability out of the box. Our Appsurance program can help you achieve the availability level your customers need.


As a SaaS company, you may deploy your software to everyone at the same time, to controlled groups or continuously. Servoy offers all the features you need—including automatic build, test and deploy—to create optimum software delivery.

Second-line service

If things go wrong—and even the best-designed software can encounter problems—it pays to have someone to turn to for a solution. The Servoy SLA includes the guarantee that help will be a call or email away you should you ever need it.

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