Servoy Appsurance

Performing a modernization or rewriting a complex application is a big undertaking. In fact, many of these projects fail to launch, which is what inspired our Appsurance program. Our well-defined, disciplined program puts you in charge of the process.

Best Practices.

Lessons learned from our early customers inspired us to document best practices for modernizing complex applications. After fine-tuning this process for 15+ years and for more than 500 business applications, we are uniquely positioned to make your most complex projects a success.


The goal of the Appsurance program is to assure your success. The Appsurance Program can improve your time-to-market by 60% and reduce the risk of failure to practically zero. As a software licensing company, we have a vested interest in your success and failure is simply not an option.

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The Servoy platform is used a lot by customers for their existing legacy enterprise business systems that are still in use today, but limited in their ability to provide browser-based and mobile options. This includes systems running in FoxPro, Delphi, Progress OpenEdge and other environments.