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The modernization platform for ISVs and enterprises with proven business applications.

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RAD Platform

Your Business Applications. Rapidly Reimagined.

Modernize your mission-critical business application in record time, with the Servoy rapid application development platform.

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DevOps. Simplified.

The advantages – and challenges – of continuous development and deployment are clear. Meet ServoyCloud: enterprise DevOps made flexible and easy.

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Develop & Deploy. De-risked.

Our Appsurance program is a proven pathway to help you tackle your most complex software projects – ensuring your success. A dedicated team, every step of the way.

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Ton Dekker R&D - Reflecta

"Java and .NET are very complex and time-consuming for coding. With the Servoy platform, we saved between 3 and 4 years of development time."

Jon Ruby CEO - Jonar

"The Servoy platform helped us to stay away from building our own stack, so that we could focus on our UX, unique business logic and what sets us apart in our industry."

Tony Wood MD - Turnkey

"The Servoy Rapid Application Development platform provided us a sleek, modern solution for our complex business apps."

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Are you ready for Cloud, SaaS, Mobile and a better UX, all in a rapid and risk-free way? Check out this video to learn more.

Or contact us now to see how our customers have modernized their #FoxPro #Delphi #VB6 #Progress OpenEdge #FileMaker and other applications with the Servoy platform.